Information on gambling addiction & prevention:

Gambling can be addictive.


Gambling addiction is a disorder that affects people in their lifestyle in such a way that their everyday life is determined by gambling. In particularly serious cases, gambling addiction can lead to social decline and threaten professional life. In addition, the gambling addict may neglect the family and lose all his belongings.

To prevent this situation, if you feel you are addicted to gambling, you should know what you can do to get a grip on your gambling behaviour

The fact is that gambling addiction is a disease that can also be treated.

The page “Check your game” offer a self-test / knowledge test on the topic of gambling addiction.

WHAT should you do AGAINST A GAME?

The first step should be to admit that you have a problem with your gambling behavior. Seek help and talk to your friends or other confidential people about your problem. If this is unpleasant for you, there are also hilsorganizations that specialize in the topic of “gambling addiction” and can help you.

Next, you have the option to exclude yourself from playing by contacting your betting provider directly. They often have their own areas on their pages where you can set a deposit limit for yourself, exclude yourself for a certain period of time, or even lock yourself completely.

Finally, we would like to explain these tools in detail and also give you all the points of contact to which you can contact in case of a case.


Gambling addiction is unfortunately a common problem nowadays, which is downplayed far too often at the beginning. Through the Internet, access to gambling and online betting has become a breeze. Unfortunately, this has also reduced many inhibition thresholds, which has made addiction prevention much more important.

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