Handball betting

Handball is a very fast and body-focused sport. It always goes back and forth and there are a lot of goals. Especially tight games in connection with a placed bet are incredibly exciting to watch. Especially in handball, the necessary expertise can be used to develop a knowledge advantage over the bookmakers.

What can you bet on handball? What should I consider?

The following bets are very popular in handball:

Winner bet: Of course, bets are often placed on the winner of the game in handball. To secure yourself in the event of a draw, you can also choose the head-to-head (=draw-no-bet) for a bet. Since draws are rare in handball, this is not advisable.

About/Under Betting
: This type of betting is also very popular in handball. This type of bet is particularly interesting when you know which teams often take their goalkeeper out to have a fielder in attack or which teams regularly convince by a strong defensive performance.

Handicap betting
: Handicap bets are particularly popular with favourites. These usually win very high, so it is suitable for this bet to give the favorite a handicap. Alternatively, the outsider can be given a fictitious lead, which he must hold, assuming that the game will be tighter than the bookmakers see it.

In handball betting, it should be noted that there is usually a high difference in performance between the teams. As a result, the odds on the favourites are low. However, one can gain a knowledge advantage by informing oneanother whether key players are injured and whether they can be adequately replaced. With a certain knowledge, one can find so-called value ratios, which make it possible to be in the plus in handball in the long term.

Author: Frederik