Ice hockey betting

Almost everyone has certainly seen at least a short sequence of an ice hockey game. While one changes channels in frustration because you don’t see the puck, the other sticks to this exciting and dynamic sport. It is precisely this dynamic that makes ice hockey so interesting. In this country, the sport does not have the highest importance, but the betting possibilities here are outstandingly good.

What can you bet on ice hockey? What should I consider?

Winning bets
: First and foremost, it is also possible to place a bet on the winner of the game. You can decide whether to choose the 3-way variant (with a draw) or the 2-way variant. In every ice hockey match, winners are played. If there is still a draw after the third third, it goes to the extension or even to the penalty shootout. So the head-to-head is also a good place to be.

About/Under Betting
: This type of bet is generally considered very popular – as in ice hockey. Logically, only goals count towards victory here and every fan in every sport loves it when as many goals as possible fall. An over/under bet is also suitable in ice hockey.

Third bets
: Unlike in other sports, there is no half-time or division into game quarters (e.g. basketball), but a division into thirds (3x 20 minutes). In the individual thirds, it is also possible to set how many goals are scored and who is the winner of the respective third.

Ice hockey betting is something for real sports betting connoisseurs with the right information. Especially in Germany the level of play is very balanced with one/two exceptions, which is why there are very low odds on the favorite or very high odds on the outsider rather rarely to be seen. One should therefore obtain comprehensive information about appropriate individualities and have the necessary knowledge of the sport in order to be successful in ice hockey betting.

Author: Frederik