Review Bet at Home

Bet-at-Home is considered one of the most traditional betting providers. It was founded in 1999 and is one of the largest on the German betting market. Of course, Bet-at-Home has also received a German license from Darmstadt until the new gambling state contract comes into force on 1 July 2021.
Here you can read what makes bet-at-home and why it has been one of the largest betting providers in the German-speaking sector for more than 2 decades.

The betting offer:

Bet-at-Home offers its customers a good range of sports bets. As with most bookmakers, the focus here is on top European football. Here the selection is absolutely fine and you will certainly get your money’s worth here. In addition to the classic betting types, Bet-at-Home offers some special bets. The half-time bets in particular are impressive.
You can also place bets on exotic leagues on bet-at-home. Here, of course, the selection is not as big as with the European top leagues, but nevertheless there are fewer possibilities to place bets with other providers. Bet-at-Home doesn’t have to hide when it comes to betting opportunities.

Bet-at-Home also offers other major sports. For example, basketball, tennis and ice hockey can be mentioned here. The choice of betting options is quite worth seeing in these sports, although there are even better providers in this regard. Nevertheless, bet-at-home’s betting offer is impressive.
You can also bet on smaller sports such as water polo, cricket and even chess at Bet-at-Home.
When it comes to live betting, Bet-at-Home can be improved. Nevertheless, the performance here is solid.

The betting odds:

Bet-at-home quotas are mediocre. Most of the time, they are not particularly high, but they are never really low. Nevertheless, there may be small outliers in the odds. After all, Bet-at-Home is one of the market leaders in Germany, even if the average rates are mediocre.

The betting tax:

As with most bookmakers, the customer is deducted 5% betting tax on a win.

Deposit and withdrawal options:

Bet-at-Home definitely provides its customers with the most important payment methods. First and foremost, the popular online payment method PayPal. In addition to PayPal, customers can deposit with Skrill and Neteller as well as with credit cards (Visa and Mastercard). Of course, you can also make your payments by direct or bank transfer.

Bet-at-home withdrawals are very straightforward and usually work with all common payment methods.

Customer Service:

Bet-at-Home offers a live chat that can answer all questions quickly. There is also the possibility to contact customer service by email. In addition, Bet-Home offers a telephone hotline so that questions can be answered quickly. However, this is not free of charge.


Bet-at-Home holds a gambling licence from Malta – like most bookmakers. This is positive because of Malta’s EU membership. In addition, Bet-at-Home has obtained a transitional license from the Darmstadt regional government office. This will apply until 01.07.2021 until the new Gambling State Treaty enters into force.
Bet-at-Home has also obtained a gambling licence from Schleswig-Holstein.
All in all, the betting provider is very trustworthy in this case.

Bet-at-Home Bonus Offers:

Bet-at-Home offers a fair 50% bonus up to 100€ for new customers. You can read more about this clearly on our bonus page.
In order to keep its existing customers, Bet-at-Home offers the so-called Trust Bet. To do this, you have to subscribe to the newsletter, read the blog of the betting provider and place 11€ on the suggested bet of the expert. If this is wrong, you will be refunded the bet. You can read more about this on the Bet-at-Home page. The fastest way to get to the provider here is to click on one of our advertising banners.


Bet-at-Home is a very traditional betting provider with a solid offer. As one of the market leaders in Germany, Bet-at-Home offers a decent selection of sports bets. Not only in football betting, but also in other major sports, the betting provider presents itself strongly. The solid sports betting offer is rounded off by the convincing customer support and all important gambling licenses. Bet-at-Home is therefore considered serious and absolutely recommended. It is not for nothing that this betting provider has had an excellent reputation for more than two decades now.
The offer of live bets is worth improving. If you want to complain at a very high level, you can criticize the 5% betting tax. However, this is now standard and should not play an important role for hobby-like sports weather.
If you want to get an overview of Bet-at-Home, you can visit the betting provider’s website via one of our advertising banners.

Author: Frederik