Volleyball betting

Volleyball is a very interesting sport that requires above all responsiveness. Almost everyone must have been at the net in the school in sports lessons and have beaten each other more or less successfully on the volleyball field. For fans of responsiveness and athleticism, volleyball is just the right sport. And sports betting can also make this impressive sport even more exciting.

What can you bet on volleyball? What should I consider?

Winning bets: There is no draw in volleyball. So if you want to place a winning bet, you only have the choice between victory or defeat.
About/Under Betting: In this type of bet, bets can be placed on the number of sets (e.B. Over 3.5 or Over 4.5). But not only bets on the number of bets can be placed, but also bets on the number of points. Interesting here is the bet “Clear favorite scores less than 75.5 points”. This bet is placed on the belief that the favorite wins the game clearly with 3-0 in sets. If there is no extension in the sets (only from 24-24 there is a set extension until a 2-point gap is reached) and the favorite wins clearly, then the bet is won. This odds are always higher than the 3-0 result bet, as the result bet includes a possible rate extension.
Results bets: Results bets are also possible in volleyball. It even makes sense here, as you can only choose from 6 different results (3:0, 3:1, 3:2, 0:3. 1:3, 2:3)

In volleyball betting, the set bets are particularly interesting. Especially if you want to watch and type a game live. For example, if a favorite plays against a clear outsider, attractive odds can jump out on the “Who wins the xth set” bet. The outsider must be ahead by 2 points early in the set (e.B. in set two, the outsider leads 4:6 or 1:3 or similar). Odds on the favorite’s set win often rise quickly from a normal odds of 1.25 to a live rate of 1.75 and sometimes even above 2.0. This is very interesting and can be attractive, especially since a sentence goes up to at least 25 points. The favorite still has the opportunity to turn it just early in the set and most of the time he succeeds.
In addition, you should also find out if there are injured players. For example, it is a huge disadvantage if players of the important middle block are missing.

Author: Frederik