Darts - UK Open 2021

On the weekend from 05.03.21 to 07.03.2021 the next tournament in terms of darts starts. Unlike our last report, this is a major event.
The prize money is therefore much higher and therefore also the appeal for the elite of darts. A total of 450,000 pounds will be paid out in the tournament. Of this, the winner will receive a whopping 100,000 pounds.
All 128 Tourcard Holders are eligible to participate. In addition, 8 other players have qualified through the Developement Tour and the Challenge Tour. In addition, the 8 best players from the UK Q-School and the Europpean Q-School are also included.
All in all, there is an absolutely wide field of participants here. From the darts elite around Michael van Gerwen and Gerwyn Price there are also players who have to defend their Tourcard this year or do not have a TourCard at all. So a very big tournament with players of different quality.
The first rounds are played in the Best of 11. From round 4 it will be Best of 19 Legs. In the semi-finals and finals, Best of 21 Legs.

What does this mean from a sports betting point of view?

Well, in darts, the best of 11 legs distance is a very short distance. So it is possible that there may be surprises here and there. The longer the distance of a match, the more likely it is logical that the favorite will win the match even after falling behind.

Don’t forget that darts is an individual sport and the form of the day is very decisive here. Therefore, always place your bets moderately and wisely. If necessary, you can also find out if a player is playing with new darts or if there is a slight injury. Such a thing can have a decisive influence on the game.

The bookmakers (as always) Michael van Gerwen (5 odds) and Gerwyn Price (6 odds) are considered top favorites for the tournament victory.
You should also keep an eye on Johnny Clayton (13 odds). He was in the final in 3 of last weekend’s 4 Players Championship events and won one.
Jose de Sousa (29 er Quote) also drew attention to this.
The development of Ryan Searle (91 ratio) who announced that he would train with Gary Anderson four times a week will be interesting.
From a German point of view, Gabriel Clemens (67 quota), Max Hopp and Martin Schindler (both 251 quota) as well as Steffen Siepmann (601 quota) and newcomer Florian Hempel (751 quota) are interesting.

Of course, it is very unlikely that one of the German guys will claw the pot, that’s not what it should be about, because a whole bunch of other players are simply better on the one hand and much more constant on the other. Perhaps only bets with the participation of the mentioned players would be interesting here. Typing someone as a tournament winner is extremely difficult in darts. The power density is getting tighter and the differences are not as great as they were a few years ago.
If you want to find out about the strength of the unknown players, it is best to do so on the PDC site via Dartconnect. Here you can see the averages and game histories of the respective games even from small tournaments, which are nowhere else to be found.

Author: Frederik