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Members of our team have been involved in sports betting for up to 15 years, with one of our team members having been living exclusively on successful betting for several years.

Sports betting Olympus should be a point of contact for beginners, but also advanced. In our Sports Betting News you can find new blog entries, such as guides on general things, such as betting types, strategies, etc., as well as specific information about sporting events based on our many years of experience and should help to act more successfully in sports betting.

Furthermore, we will always introduce new betting providers with their bonus offers. For years we were always on a bonus hunt and wanted to take advantage of the best offers of the betting providers. Why this makes sense, we will explain again and again in our sports betting news. We mainly refer to the big and best betting providers, but we also give the smaller and slightly lesser-known betting providers the chance to convince themselves.

The highlight of our site is the typing game, which is completely free and every visitor has the opportunity to win weekly as the best tipper, betting credits. This is a Bundesliga typing game where you type the results weekly. The weekly winners receive a bet balance and the season winner receives the “Jackpot”. Free typing games with prizes are also planned for the European and World Championships.

Have fun on our site!

Author: Frederik